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In the heart of a small village , a local couple with a little farm and a few animals sought to expand their land with more animals and, in turn, more happiness. Their home was already filled with the joyful laughter of their children, yet they yearned to extend this happiness to their farm. However, due to time constraints, they found it challenging to fully commit to the farm and nurture it to its full potential. 

In a serendipitous turn of events, Rachel, a passionate advocate of animal-assisted therapy, crossed paths with the local couple Nina and Ian. Upon learning about their aspirations and the potential their farm held, Rachel proposed a partnership. She offered to bring her knowledge and expertise in animal-assisted therapy to the farm, transforming it into a sanctuary not only for animals but also for the community. 

After a in-depth discussion, the couple wholeheartedly embraced Rachel's proposal. They shared a common vision of utilizing the healing power of animals to benefit those in need within their community. With Rachel's guidance and passion, the farm was transformed into a haven of hope and solace, aptly named Curo-lincs. The name "Curo" derived from the Latin word for care, symbolizing the essence of their mission – to provide care and support to those in need through the bond between animals and humans.

Curo-lincs quickly became a beacon of light in the community, attracting individuals seeking comfort, companionship, and healing. Through animal-assisted therapy sessions, people of all ages and backgrounds found solace and support in the presence of the farm's gentle inhabitants. From woolly sheep to inquisitive pigs each animal played a unique role in uplifting spirits and fostering emotional well-being.






The farm became a place of transformation, where individuals struggling with various challenges – be it physical, emotional, or mental – found respite and healing. Children with autism discovered a sense of calmness and connection through interactions with the farm animals. Veterans battling PTSD experienced moments of peace and understanding while bonding with the goats. Elderly individuals combating loneliness found joy and companionship in the company of the farm's furry residents.

As the days passed, Curo-lincs flourished, not only in terms of its animal population but also in the hearts it touched and the lives it enriched. Nina, Ian, Rachel, and the farm animals worked harmoniously to create a space where love, compassion, and healing were abundant. Together, they embodied the true essence of care and community, offering a sanctuary where individuals could find comfort, support, and a renewed sense of hope.

In conclusion, the story of Curo-lincs is a testament to the transformative power of compassion, collaboration, and the healing bond between animals and humans. Through the dedication and vision of a local couple, Rachel, and a menagerie of animals, a simple farm became a beacon of light and a source of healing for the community. As Curo-lincs continues to grow and touch the lives of many, it serves as a reminder of the profound impact that kindness and care can have on those in need.

Mission Statement

Company Goals

Our mission is to enable all individuals to live healthy, independent lives, enhancing physical, emotional and social well-being to improve peoples’ life chances, and offer opportunities for the wider community to reconnect, become more resilient, with a ripple effect of raised aspirations across generations.

We can offer mobile and static animal assisted interventions. 


We work in a collaborative way, and are dedicated to promoting therapeutic interaction between people, animals and the natural environment. Our core values are:


  • Creating opportunities for excluded and vulnerable people in our rural community to engage in and celebrate our cultural assets
  • Supporting local Health and Wellbeing initiatives to combat loneliness and isolation.
  • Supporting coordinated community action in economically marginalised and isolated communities, driving social change through asset-based community development
  • Person centered support to maximise an individuals potential
  • local training and opportunities to build and develop communities 





We use our farm to provide health, social and wellbeing services for vulnerable people including adults with disabilities, mental health issues and those experiencing isolation

Volunteering opportunities

Peer Mentoring either one to one or small group support 

Ages 10+ accepted

Traineeships and workshops to develop your skills and talents

Now in Gipsy Bridge . 


Just a few of our lovely animals and activities


Check out our facebook page for videos and more pictures. Or come and visit. 

Therapy Dogs

Our aim is to utilise our dogs to enhance the health and wellbeing  of people in communities across south Lincolnshire. Our  team  of volunteers with their own temperament tested Therapy Dogs, (rabbits coming soon) ;   and always focused on benefiting people in the community.  Using animals especially Dogs as therapy is not a new idea, they have been used for over 40 years in the care sector

The benefits of Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) have been extensively studied and results range from improvement in general health and wellbeing, increased confidence levels, improved and controlled movement to improved communication skills.

Our therapy dogs are available to book for events

Something for the children

We have expanded our services to include kids' club activities, home education groups, and children's parties with animal-assisted therapy sessions. These initiatives can provide unique and engaging experiences for children, promoting emotional well-being and social interaction through interactions with therapy animals in a fun and educational setting.

This young man got to give one of our lambs a cuddle at kids club

Our Community Groups

Curo-lincs is dedicated to providing support and resources for community support groups, particularly focusing on rural areas and individuals with hidden disabilities. We understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals facing similar challenges can come together, share experiences, and offer mutual support. Through facilitated discussions, educational workshops, and social activities, we aim to foster a sense of community, connection, and empowerment among participants. By encouraging open dialogue, promoting understanding, and exploring ways to support each other, we strive to create a supportive network that enhances well-being and resilience for all involved. Together, we can navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and build a stronger, more connected community.

Carers Group

Carers group is held over at the farm every Wednesday 10am till noon. If you care for anyone whether it be paid or unpaid you can attend free of charge. Please message to confirm your place.

Hidden Disabilities

This group is every Friday 1pm till 3pm no need to book just nip in and have a drink and chat with the ladies.

Hidden Disabilities

This group is held on the first Saturday of the month. Again no booking required.

having seen first hand what this CIC does at their farm .. and the attitude of the founder .. I can wholeheartedly recommend getting in contact They keep people at the heart of problem solving, invention and experimentation' 
Autistic Free Press _Tonic Health Review


Client feedback:
“I have gained confidence and a purpose. Its amazing working with people who understand

"Finally found my happy Place"

"Can't believe how much confidence I have gained"

"first smile in a year since my bereavement"

"recommend to anyone Tim has changed my life"


'A few of our reviews from our wonderful attendees



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